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The mode of delivery for the students has been divided in to two levels of qualifications, certification and certificate. Certification is the direct award for the operability in the industries, where certificates are issued after the course of study and examination based on the knowledge of the student.

FSF is the one and only one organization in India, mentoring professionals to become Certified Safety Professionals (ISA), through the extensive professional development includes 8 levels, wherein a fresher candidate undergoes Initial Professional Development (IPD) and those who are working through Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The students join with the courses to get qualified and privileged by effective member support, where in the major challenge of getting a job has been taken care by the portfolio management by Continuing Professional Development.

Initial Professional Development (Regular Classes)

This is a portfolio management for the students who are qualified from our organization to get industrial exposure in the national and international environment. This module includes Project Preparedness, Seminar and Webinars, Group Discussions, Mock Interviews, Industrial Visits, Resume Writing and Industrial off Campus interview references. Normally General Industry disciplines did at Level 5 focus the students to undergo Initial Professional Development. Hence a student with 10+2 or any degree or diploma will be able to find a professional job immediately after the course.

Based on the age group and qualifications separate classes are arranged for those who has 10+2 only and age is less than 20 a mandate of 1 year schedule has been allocated, where the students with a graduation, and age more than 20 can apply for fast track training sessions.

Continuing Professional Development (Blended Study Online and Distance Courses)

A health and safety student can become the Safety Ambassador, Certified Safety Professional ISA after completing the 8 qualification levels with the FSF, once they started enrolling with FSF the student is guided by the standard procedures for becoming the Certified Safety Professional. The procedure for upgrading professionals to ISA, is called continuing professional Development. The students become the chartered members of FSF and will be eligible to undertake auditing, inspection authorities. Any disciplines studies from Level 1 to Level 8 make the students to become the ISA, though a minimum of 5 year tenure. CPD Program focus to the students who are working in the industry to improve their qualifications and recognitions where they can gain professionally. The Learning Management Software LMS developed and maintained as per the standards of academic council facilitate a virtual study through video conferencing, online chats and document libraries, where the students must have to do an academic project to cope up with the practical requirements of the academics. The student evaluation will be based on the project and MCQ examination held in LMS.

L1 to L4 – short term courses deliver certification

L5 to L8 – 1 year full time courses deliver certificates as follows.

Qualifications Provided & Corresponding Professional Levels
Name of Professional Level Qualification
International General Industry Safety Card Level I (IGISC) General Card (3days) Indication of expertise in the discipline. Good for working professionals in the disciplinary area
International Special Industry Safety Card Level II (ISISC) Specialist Card (5days) Expertise in technical or advance disciplines of working professionals
International General Industry Safety Certification Level III (IGISC) General Certification 15 Days Interactive Assessment course, which leads to a certification
International Special Industry Safety Certification Level IV (IISC) Special Certification (3Months) 3 Months Special Disciplinary Course with Practical assessment
International Authorized Safety Professionals Level V (IASP) Diploma –leads to a membership to Professional Forum Fresher level Students can find a job In Govt. or MNCs as practical training provided in industries only
International Authorised Safety Trainership Level VI (IAST) Advanced Diploma (1 year) – leads to a membership to trainer forum Enhances the profile with 30% hike from previous job, and get eligibility to become Safety Trainer
International Safety Research Fellowship Level VII (IARF) PG Diploma (1 year) – leads to a membership to research forum 30%- 50% Hike from previous Salary Eligibility for Auditor Posts
International Safety Ambassadorship Level VIII (ISA) Masters Diploma (1 year) – leads to a membership to ambassador forum Ambassadorship with Royalty and other all privileges

IASP students have to submit a data collection project from the internet, in any new update related to environment health and safety prepared in word report, power point presentation, and the report submitted will be attested by the acidic council and issued to the students as a record, and marks also will be published in the respective mark list of the course they have opted. IAST students have to prepare the case study after visiting an industry, instead of the internet based data collection, where IARF students are suggesting a solution to a problem existing in an industry, with video presentation and live reports from the company records. ISA students are undergoing complete research, where research guidelines and reference material will be provided to the students and the students will submit the thesis towards the same. Based on the thesis the qualification will be awarded.

Trainers of Course Provider

The trainers who are successfully completed the Train The Trainer Program TTP prescribed by the academic council of Fire and Safety Forum are only allowed to take face to face sessions with our institute. This ensures the quality of the training sessions and the depth of knowledge shared to the students during the training. A mandatory feedback session has been kept with every session, to improve the training quality and the illustration skills of the authorized trainers. A mandate Industrial Visit has been included in the regular practices to ensure the students get certified by the Local or Central Government Industrial authority in the related health and Safety Practices.

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